Many women I know still seem to settle for second best when it comes to relationships

Does it have to be that way? One of the girls here at London escorts just left to get married, and I actually asked her if he was the right man for her. She looked at me in a funny way, and said ‘he will do”. Is that the right attitude to start a marriage with? Unless I am really sure, I have no intention of leaving London escorts for a guy. I know that it is hard to find the right man these days. All of the good ones seem to have been snapped up.

Some of the girls that I have worked with at London escorts of seem to have been desperate to leave our London escorts service. Sadly they have often left with the wrong guy and ended up in a relationship which has been abusive and not worked out in the long run. They would have been better off staying single in my humble opinion. It would be nice to find a permanent partner, but I am not a rush. As it is I am rather enjoying being a single lady in London. Sure, there are women out there who feel that they have to have a man in tow all of the time, but I am not one of those. I am trying to make the most out of my London escorts career, and enjoy dating my gents. Sometimes you need to focus on other things, and that is what I am doing at the moment. I may even finish my London escorts career before I try to find love in my life. Being a single lady in London can be rather exciting. There are some great places to go, and if you want to spend time on your own, you can easily do so when you are single.

I love finishing my London escorts shift for the week and just going home. The weekend is my own, and I try to plan in things that I would like to do. It could be something as simple as going shopping with a couple of the other girls at London escorts, or going to one of the Farmer’s markets in London. It is rather liberating being single. I am sure that I will meet the right man one day. However, in the meantime, I am making my own plans for the future. If I happen to meet the right man, I will just have to slot him in somehow. It is important to focus on what you want to do in life, so that you don’t miss out on anything. Sure, working for London escorts has been great, but it has also been a real eye opener. I now feel more focused than before, and I have a rough idea what I would like to do with the rest of my life. Sometimes when you are busy fulfilling your own personal dreams and desires, the most amazing and fantastic things can happen in your life.

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