Home Exercise

The fact that all London gyms have been closed, has not really challenged London escorts. Most charlotte escorts in London have been able to keep on exercising. Should you use the fact that London gyms are closed a reason for your lock down weight gain? According to London escorts, you should not use it as an excuse. There are many ways in which you can exercise at home. Best of all, exercising at home means that you save money.

Staying fit at home is easier than you may think. You don’t need gym equipment to exercise at home. Weights any other things take up a lot of space. Do you really need weight free weights when you exercise at home? Most London escorts don’t think so. It may be handy to have a couple of light weights, but resistance bands are just as good as free weights. Check out Amazon and you will find a great range of resistance bans. Amazon is the place where most London escorts shop when they need exercise gear.

What about an aerobic work out? Aerobic work outs are simply the best when it comes to burning calories and keeping your weight in check. One of the best ways to get some intense aerobic exercise is to try spinning. During lock down, numerous London escorts have bought spinning bikes. You can check out spinning work outs on You Tube or you can join one of the popular spinning programs that are now available. But, London escorts would like to remind you that specialist spinning work outs are often expensive.

Can you use a treadmill in an apartment? When you live in a small London apartment as so many London escorts do, you will find that a treadmill takes up a lot of space. Thankfully, mini treadmills have now become popular. A lot of people are beginning to invest in them. The are easy to store under your bed or you can put them on your terrace when you want to have a work out. Another benefit of mini treadmills that London escorts have discovered, is that they are much cheaper when compared to the full size version. Once again, they are easy to pick up online if you fancy buying one.

You can also do yoga at home. London escorts have found that now is a really good time to try a new form of yoga. Kundalini yoga has become popular. It is a great way of practising yoga and getting some aerobic exercise. You Tube is packed with fantastic Kundalini yoga work out videos. One of the best is Feel Good yoga. In order to find the Feel Good Yoga channel, all you have to do is to search for Feel Good Yoga on You Tube. As a matter of fact, you can get really fit and stay in shape by making the most out of You Tube work out videos. Perhaps it is about time we put a stop to the myth that you can only get fit by going to the gym

Are Sex Dreams Okay

I don’t know what is the matter with me, I keep having lots of sexy dreams. When I wake up in the morning, I am totally turned on. It is weird and it has not happened to me before. Most of the time when I come hope from London escorts, I am kind of tired and I fall asleep straight away. It is only after a little while the dreams starts. Sometimes they are so intense that they wake me up, and I am totally excited and ready to go.


Chilling out after you have worked late at London escorts is not always that easy. I have tried many times, but I am not sure that I am getting this about relaxing before going to bed right. Some of the girls have suggested all sorts of things. The most popular way to relax seems to be to take a bath but that does not work for me at all. I find it hard to go to sleep after a hot bath.


A couple of the other girls at London escorts have suggested a milky drink with honey may help. I have tried that as well but I found that the milk made me coffee. After that I tried making hot chocolate with soya milk but that did not taste very nice. Almond milk seems to work a little bit and I always used that for my cereal in the morning. But, I have to admit that it does not really send me to sleep at all.


Annika, one of the girls who works for London escorts is really into aromatherapy, and she has suggested that I put a tissue with lavender oil on my pillow. Once again it is something that I have tried but I keep waking up with a headache in the morning. Adding essential oil of chamomile to your linen wash is suppose to work as well, but it does not seem to be working for me at all. I can smell the chamomile, but it does not help me to fall asleep at all. It is strange, but I do wonder what happens to me when I sleep.


I know that I am in love with one of my dates at London escorts. He is one of the hottest guys that I have ever met, and I cannot get enough of him. The only problem is that he works abroad and does not come around that much, but I keep thinking about him all of the time. When I dream he often pops into my dreams and does all sorts of wonderful things to my body. Those dreams are the worst and I wake up totally turned on with nobody to take out my frustrations on at all. I keep on wondering if I should tell this guy how I feel about him. The other girls at London escorts seem to think that it would be a mistake, but I am just dying to tell him. Sometimes I pick up little signs and it makes me think that he feels the same way about me.